Starting a blog during COVID 19

Starting this blog during #COVID19 has not been easy. We have had our introductions written for almost a month but between working, mothering, home schooling and staying alive during this time of sheltering in place…it’s been hectic.

Both Taryn and I have been trying hard to keep up with this crazy juggling act. We also have talked about the fact we appreciate our time at work and in the office much more, much much much more. I must say, having each other (and our other amazing family and friends) to send memes, funny videos and just kind texts to show we are thinking of each other while we also manage the chaos, has been a life saver.

Already so many inside jokes and a ton of messy pictures or our grays coming through, messy rooms, completed workouts, children on top of us (at all hours of the day independent of how many zoom calls we are on!)… the best has been our #mamisonthemove zoom calls planning this blog and all the many ways we want to reach out to you.

But there are kids tugging on my clothes…literally pulling at me. Take them away!

So, off I go. It’s Sunday and we are outside getting our sun time. My kids are done with me being on the computer… so I’m off to color with chalk on the floor and engage with them some before the week starts again.

Be well… embrace the mess and grant yourself grace.

lazy Saturday morning… why do weekends end so quickly?

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