Vacation? What vacation?

Serving drinks and giving manicures during my COVID staycation. Pictured here are Olivia (4), Isabel (6), and on the hammock, my Mami-Rosario.

Hola Mamis!

Let’s be brutally honest… is it really a vacation if it entailed bringing your children along? For me, with children ages 6 and 4, nope, it’s not a vacation…yet. I am still cooking (unless we are visiting family and then I let my happy belly be fed), bathing people, putting people to sleep, waking up way earlier than I want, potty training (she’s had a hard time, ok?! no judgement zone!), maybe even washing clothes, etc. etc. etc.

Am I blessed? 100% I love these people, we wanted very much to have them and, so, here we all are. Together. Always. And #vpmami needs a break.

This is my week off from work. My sweet hubby says “but you get a break, right? you get to relax a bit?” Well? Not really. Let’s talk about the fact that alone time is the best kind of break I can have. There, I said it. This is hard to come by during a pandemic and shelter in place (yes, I still am limiting my outings and contacts with the outside world). #scholarmami and I joke about the treasure that is alone time and how we seldom get it. But there is truth in our jokes. Alone time is wonderful. It’s necessary. Especially if your children stick to you like bees to honey… there is no other place they ever want to be other than on top of you. And I hear the folks whose children are grown say “enjoy this time, it’ll pass too fast and you’ll miss it”. That is likely very true and I honor and respect their comments. What’s also true? In order for me to love you better, Mami needs some space…

There is shaming that happens in society if Mamis want to take time for ourselves and even be alone. I think the shaming has decreased some but it’s still there, sometimes based on cultural and generational beliefs or gender norms. How could we not want to spend all free and waking hours with our beloved offspring? Well, I don’t. I also don’t want them to grow up to think/learn that alone time is not something to be cherished or sought, that it is somehow wrong.

I am thankful and very blessed to 1. have a job and 2. be able to have vacation from said job. A break from #vpmami work and Mami work all at the same time is welcomed. I need this break in the midst of so much uncertainty and stress.

So…I’m going to put on my good attitude. I am going to try to enjoy my time catering to my little people when the focus for the week is home, our little family, and me. I might actually start that cross stitching set I bought 3 weeks ago and watch a movie or three. I will NOT clean out any closets or any other clutter. I’m also going to ask Alejandro to help me get some very necessary alone time because #mentalhealth and because I need to role model for my children that alone time is healthy.

Have a wonderful week Mamis. Rest, refuel, and love yourselves. Just because we’re working from home doesn’t mean you don’t need the time off from work.


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