Mami Investments

Hola Mamis!

We learned, early in our lives, to put others before self in almost all realms of life. For me, this translates to being the last one to eat or the last one to be ready because I make sure everyone else is ready, or the last to go to bed because I am tidying the house for the next day. 

Where I don’t put myself last… is in investing in myself professionally! 

I recall being in a meeting where we were talking about attending conferences when Olivia (now 4) was still a baby. The person over the meeting said “you probably don’t want to leave the baby! You don’t have to go!”… WRONG! I definitely want to leave this baby and want to attend this conference! Mami needed a break AND professional advancement! (I’ll share how I overcame Mami travel guilt on another post!)

Sometimes folks think Mamis do not or cannot partake in professional development opportunities due to our family commitments. I want to challenge folks (and Mamis!) to consider that it is because of our families that we must learn and grow. We want to excel and achieve our long-term goals, thus we need to engage meaningfully in professional development opportunities.  

Most of my most meaningful and transformative learning has come from taking part in webinars, conferences, career coaching, and workshops. I am intentional about what I choose, and because professional development funds are made available to me through work, I also ensure it directly impacts and connects to my current work and goals. Often I find that the learning and general concepts also translate well and benefit my home life and my community engagement.

How do you invest in yourself? Comment below or send us a message and let us know! You got this, Mami!


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