Tips for Overcoming Mami Overwhelm

Hola Mamis! 

During this pandemic, the overwhelm has come a few times (maybe more than I wish to acknowledge). So when that happens here is how it manifests itself…

Clean—I have the Monica syndrome… when I feel like I’ve lost control of all things, cleaning gives me a sense of order and control. I know it fixes nothing, potentially, related to work or home. But at least I feel like I am taking care of one of the few things I can- the order and cleanliness of my home. If you ever see me re-arranging things in my office or come by my house and see me with a vacuum cleaner in hard, let me get at it! I’m going to feel so much better once I am done. 

Cry. It is a great release of all the stress I may be feeling and helps me get over all of the emotion of everything I can’t control (see a pattern here? Control freak much?). Sometimes I cry and my girls see me. I allow them to see me because I want them to see that Mami also gets frustrated and has big feelings. I also allow them to be with me when Alejandro talks me through what is happening and helps me feel better. Mami and Papi help each other feel better and this teamwork is something we intentionally role model. 

Independent of how I help myself to get over my feelings of being overwhelmed, once I have that release of my big emotions I get back on the horse and keep on moving. Talking with loved and trusted folks really helps me get organized and consider what’s the “next right thing” as Anna says in Frozen 2. Yup. Frozen. 

Be well Mamis! 


Hey Mamis!

How are y’all doing? With a pandemic and planning for the upcoming semester, it sometimes feels like there is just too much going on. (There is, btw.) When I start feeling that pressure in my chest, I know it’s time to do a few things.

First, get organized! When the “To Do” list seems like it is going and going, it’s time to pause and reassess. Look at that “To Do” list and see what you can delete, delegate, or decline (Yes, the Three D’s!). Get your planner and calendar out, mark your deadlines, set up your timelines, and plan as much as possible. This structure will break big projects into smaller tasks, which will help you feel like you’re making progress and accomplishing your goals!

My other strategy to combat overwhelm is spending (virtual) time and laughing with family and good friends. I now have Zoom on my phone, so I use it (along with FaceTime) to stay connected with loved ones. It’s been a great way to keep in touch, and it’s provided a much needed outlet to share frustrations or process feelings. It’s also an opportunity to watch a show together and laugh and laugh (see #Nailed It on Netflix). These quick calls help me feel re-energized and ready to tackle the next best thing. 

Finally, take a Mami Timeout! A Mami Timeout is a small break for me to relax in peace and quiet. Mami timeouts can include going into the guest room to watch a show or scroll on my phone. It could also be running an errand alone, listening to music, or doing some breathing exercises with essential oil in the diffuser. In all honesty, my favorite Mami Timeout is a nap! Sometimes we just need a little time to refocus for the remainder of the day.

Let us know your strategies for handling overwhelm. What do you do? Who do you go to for support? Leave a comment or send us a message


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