Mamis Coaching Mamis

Hola Mamis!

You have found your passion in higher education, and then what!?

Consider the coach… Any great team has a great coach! There are even specialty coaches who focus on specific pieces vital for individual and team success. But as #mamis and #professionals, we seldom have access to great coaches much less any who understand the trifecta of being a #latina #mami #higheredprofessional. 

What do I do? I have multiple pockets of people who serve as coaches and sounding boards. Some of us are in the same boat and are of the same generation paving the road to success together. Others are in places and spaces I aspire to arrive into– and it has taken a ton of time to work up the courage to ask them to be my support and answer my questions. Many times I don’t have aligned identities with folks who serve as my coaches and guides, but I can do a good job piecing together their advice and making it work for me. Still, there is a void. I have not yet met the #latina #mami #highered #unicorn who can serve as my higher education guru, guide, sister-in-success and all things mothering, cultura, and personal and professional life. Hence, my sisterhood of #mamis and #latinas in #higher education has come to me but at a price… paying many thousands of dollars and participating in professional development and conferences which are only offered to few and can only be funded/afforded by even less. 

All of what I just said is why Dr. Taryn (#scholarmami) and I felt so strongly about starting #mamisonthemove. We are creating a network and space where #latina #mamis in #highereducation faculty and administration guide you through the trifecta that is our life. We are here for you, want to make ourselves available to you, and know we will be able to get you well on your way to unscrambling the difficulty that can be living this life as a #mamionthemove!


Hey Mamis!

Just as Dr. Mayra (#vpmami) said: The #guru #unicorn does not exist! This is the same for mentorship and coaching. You will never find the one person who can fulfill all of your #academic and #professional needs. (Sorry, but it’s true!) However, you can find a coach and mentor who has a demonstrated expertise and can offer assistance in a very specific way! 

This is where your #MatrixofSupport comes in! Take a minute and think about your professional and personal needs, goals, and areas of support. You might even map it out! If you’re a #postdoctoral fellow or #tenure-track faculty member, your areas of need might include: research and publications, grants, teaching, service, family, friends, childcare, and personal self-care. Then, consider the types of support you need in each of these areas. Who are the individuals you turn to when writing manuscripts? Who can offer guidance on grant writing and management? Finally, who do you go to for emotional or psychological support? Who is your shoulder to cry on? 

Next, look at your Matrix and identify the gaps. Gaps are OK. We just want to fill them! 

Your next step can be to consider the specific individuals you can support a unique task. It’s too much to ask one individual to be your everything. Instead, someone might be able to offer support with a particular area!

That’s where #mamisonthemove comes in! Dr. Mayra and I have unique experiences and accomplishments in administration and academia. Our background coupled with #cultural competency and #mamihood can help you jumpstart your academic and professional career. Let us know how we can help! Comment below or send us a note. We want to hear from you!


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