How this VP is resetting and restarting fall 2020…

Hola Mamis!

For many of us on the staff/administration side, it feels like there was never really a break, not a clean cut from spring break back to school. To top it off we had a summer overloaded with emotional and extra hard work. Our students’ and employees’ wellbeing has been top of mind. The vital role community colleges play in our communities is magnified moving into the new school year in a #worldpandemic, with high #unemployment and much uncertainty. One thing is very clear, increased needs for what community colleges have to offer has grown exponentially which makes my work and leadership even more important.

#scholarmami’s last post invited me to pause and think. I have been contemplating the wins of the school year ending as fall 2020 begins. Taking stock of what has been accomplished is not something I often do but this year’s list makes me pretty darn proud. Considering what is still to be done and new goals for the new year also help me get clarity and focus on the work ahead. While there are always fires which must be put out, keeping a clear eye on the larger, longer term goals is healthy and necessary to make larger, systemic and systematic change which our schools and communities need now more than ever. So, thank you #scholarmami for the opportunity to pause and think. I am feeling pretty great and energized to keep myself intentionally #onthemove. I have a new journal in which I will be setting goals. Also, I am going to be intentional about setting up an “inspiration wall” full of quotes and imagery that keep me grounded and help me keep going when the going gets tough.

Aside from writing last school year’s accomplishments and setting personal, professional, and divisional goals for the coming year… I now have to also consider how it will all be done as I play 1st grade teaching assistant to Isabel. We have opted to keep her at home/virtual the entire fall semester. This past weekend I found myself “nesting”, clearing out clutter so that I may make space in my home office for this little one to do virtual learning. Olivia will be alongside us and hopefully also interested in doing all of the pre-k activity books we’ve purchased for her. I’ll have to remember to take the traditional back to school pictures of all of us. This is a back to school we’ll never forget. #grace will continue to be the key, every darn day.

Staff/administrator mamis, how do you get yourself renewed and ready for the new academic year? Let me know by sharing your comments below!

be well and take care,


2 thoughts on “How this VP is resetting and restarting fall 2020…

  1. I admit, I was not really prepared for this upcoming school year, but my 10 year old daughter was so optimistic and resilient in preparing for her last year of elementary school. For the past two weeks, I have been intentionally taking time at the end of my day to reflect on what went well and to breathe. As a self proclaimed perfectionist, making intentional time to reflect on what has gone well can at times be a task. So, all in all, putting some time aside to be intentional about my day, and listening to the optimism of my daughter has really raised the bar for me this academic year. All is not lost, and we have work to do even if it is at our home office or from our work office.

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