How are you doing, Mami?

Hey Mamis!

Welcome back to school! It’s the start of a new semester, and most of us are ping ponging between virtual school at home and our full-time job responsibilities. In between (or maybe even while on) Zoom meetings, we are watching our child(ren) and ensuring they are on task. The return to school is always an exciting time of year, but planning and prep will look a little different this year. Here are a few of our strategies for finding some back-to-school balance:

  1. Meal prep – As much as possible, Sunday nights are dedicated to meal prep. Making a protein with different sides definitely comes in handy when everyone’s hungry. Fruit and pre-portioned snacks are also ready for quick access!
  2. Letting go – Most times I try to have kid-free meetings. In an ideal situation, my office door is closed, the background is nice and clean, and I look presentable. Other times, I am OK with having my video and sound off. Depending on the situation, make it work for you! If your child(ren) or pets make a virtual appearance, it is what it is. Give and show grace during this time. We’re all trying our best.
  3. Unplugging – Every evening I stop checking work email around 8pm, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. I find it helpful to unplug and transition to our evening routine. Most nights that includes watching some tv and reading books before bedtime. 

What are your back-to-school strategies? What’s working for you? Please let us know! Share in the comments below or contact us. Have a great first week!


Hola Mamis!

This has indeed been a back to school like no other. To adjust to all the changes going on in society and in the economy due to the pandemic, many community colleges are extending enrollment deadlines which means the hard work keeps going a bit longer for us on the Student Services side. I want to give a HUGE SHOUTOUT to all of our colleagues who have been running the sprint and marathon that is fall 2020 enrollment! The final lap is near and you are impacting entire families and communities with your work and dedicated service. Never forget! Those in our classrooms now will be vital to the recovery of this country and you are helping them get there.

While we are all working probably more than we ever have before (more on that in another post) we have students and colleagues who are suffering the loss of loved ones due to COVID. We are also dealing with grief at many different levels. All that said… here are some more strategies to add to your toolkit:

  1. Break-If you need a break, Tired, weary mamis deserve breaks too and you know you will be better for it. 
  2. Mental Health-Connect with a mental health professional. This is all hard and dealing with our own grief while trying to be strong for our colleagues and families is a lot. Make that appointment.
  3. Take Care of You-Do something nice for yourself everyday- My nice thing is squeezing in a workout 4-5 times per week, eating a tasty treat, or actually watching a show I want to see (instead of cartoons)… what is a nice thing you do for yourself?

There have been weeks when I have not worked out because my mind, body, and heart have been heavy. It’s ok! Listening to this particular episode of Michelle Obama podcast was especially helpful to me. 

We are in the struggle with you, #mamis! Sending all the best vibes…


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