Hola Mamis!

Working from home continues to be a challenge and when you add “real” school to the mix it really is something else. The duties of administration/faculty provide an awesome responsibility but also one which can be overwhelming, especially in a pandemic. Sprinkle in the fact that Isabel is now taking assessments to measure her reading and math levels, and when she is doing them I (#vpmami) feel (call me crazy) that I am also being assessed, at least in part, for how well we are working with her and complementing her knowledge separate and apart from what she is assigned to do at school (yup, I put that much on myself). Add to that #scholarmami’s duties as a maid of honor for her sweet sister getting married during the #pandemic…Cue in the volunteer work we do as well as leadership positions we hold within volunteer organizations… oh and that book chapter we agreed to co-write (for which we got an extension)… and we have ourselves tired #mamisonthemove. These #mamis need to stop.this.train. 

Yup, we tell you to take it slow, take it easy, take it in stride. We tell you to do the best you can with what you have and we have to remind ourselves to do the same. 

And then… #vpmami signed up to do Isabel’s faith formation classes from home. Our church is going to be providing the materials and it’s on parents to teach lessons. And when I was finding myself tired and beating myself up for not having gone to church to pick up the book (because I just can’t), I remembered the wise words of my dear friend Daniel V. Daniel said “we’re in a pandemic, I’m not going to be the best father, husband, employee, or volunteer… it’s just not possible. Something has to give.” It was so refreshing and a great reminder to get off my perfection horse and remind myself we are in a pandemic and my best is going to look different now given everything we have to balance.

It seems to be a recurring theme, take a break, let perfection go, don’t put so much on yourself…but we forget to be gracious with ourselves so often that we need to constantly remind ourselves (and you) to do it.

How are you incorporating the 3Ds? Delete, delegate, and decline? Share in the comments!

-#vpmami & #scholarmami

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