Lessons from RBG

Hola Mamis!

The day after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died, Alejandro and I were talking to Isabel about why she was so important and about her contributions to society. We read the I Dissent children’s book and I got emotional going through the many ways she helped many of us earn equality and respect under the law. What a remarkable life and what amazing impact but alas, the work continues and these #mamisonthemove are here for it.

Interestingly, I tend to forget she was a mother through it all. Her achievements could only have been done with amazing support which, in this case, turned out to be her loving husband and surely an amazing tribe we’ve yet to learn about. 

This amazing little lady did and said so many amazing things… I want to highlight a few of my   favorites: 

This is especially powerful for a #vpmami who can sometimes be very impatient or feel defeated with the slowness of change. I was reminded by a colleague Monday that our processes for change/approval are also there as safety measures, checks and balances. So, for those of us that need it and sometimes feel defeated with progress taking long… remember to celebrate every step toward real and enduring change. 

This one is useful in all realms of life. This quote was especially helpful earlier this week in a non-work related situation. Maybe there are places, people and spaces which may make you lose your cool quicker than most. There may be certain triggers which you must acknowledge to ensure you can tame them… I hope having that personal insight plus this quote will help you be successful in many spheres. Thanks RBG!

And now… the piece de resistance:

I am forever trying to not let words penetrate my mind, my heart, and my soul. As #RBG stated in this brilliant quote: if we are overcome by our negative feelings when we react, we will quickly lose the audience and lose the chance to make our case. This is a daily exercise for me because this #mami feels way way too much. 

May these quotes and words serve as a lovely reminder for you to keep at it because every step counts, dissenting strategically matters, and persuading like a queen will help you win! 


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